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Dental Implants for Beaverton, OR Area Residents

If you are in need of high-quality dental implants, Beaverton, OR is home to the professionals at Waterhouse Family Dental, Inc., who can provide you with excellent service and prompt results. We offer a variety of corrective options for people who need to replace missing teeth, including dental implants.

What are Dental Implants?

Unlike crowns or bridges, an implant is a metal device made from a material like titanium. Because we can surgically attach these to your jawbone, they are a permanent solution that will be indistinguishable from the rest of the teeth in your mouth. In fact, they offer a natural look that often is not possible with bridges, dentures, and similar options.

Mini-Implants are narrower than regular implants, and can be used to stabilize dentures, as well as replace pre-molar teeth and teeth in a narrow area of the mouth. They are less than half the cost of conventional implants, making them a more affordable option. With mini-implants, you will be able to eat the same day they are placed.

Our Process

With today's technology and top-of-the-line care from our experienced team, you can expect the dental implant procedure to have at least a 95 percent chance for success. The procedure is relatively simple and involves just a few steps. We first prepare the implant site by removing any fragments left behind by the missing or damaged teeth that you want to replace. Before providing you with an implant, we can offer a temporary crown if you would like to fill in the spot in your mouth. After preparing the bone and surrounding area, we place the implant and suture the tissue. After the healing process is complete, we attach a special post to the implant and, finally, the finished crown. The final step of the process involves cementing the crown, which will give the implant a natural look that will match the rest of your teeth.

Like all of our services, we provide personalized care tailored to your needs. Beaverton, OR residents and anyone who lives in the Portland, OR region can browse our site to learn more about our services. We have the experience, resources, and the dedicated team needed to take on any job, and we always use the latest technology when it comes to tooth replacement. If you would like any additional details about how the implant process works, give us a call today to speak with a member of the Waterhouse Family Dental, Inc. team!

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